I am currently only working with Blogger-based blogs. If you are interested in graphics for another platform (like Wordpress), just shoot me an email and we can talk about it. 

I will send you an invoice via Paypal for a 'wait list' deposit once the order form has been submitted. By ordering a design and paying for the work, you agree to my terms without exceptions.

I do not issue refunds for wait list deposits or payments after work on the design has begun.

This is very difficult to predict, and can change often. I try to be as speedy as possible. Typically, once I start designing your blog, it usually takes 2 weeks for the graphics and installation. This is not a guaranteed time frame, and is subject to change according to response times, number of revisions, and those times when life decides to go bananas. On occasion, I may fall a little behind but I will notify you if this is the case.

Each custom design is created based on the desired aesthetic you talked about in the order form. You will be sent a design proof of the blog header and any applicable background/patterns. You will approve those design elements before any others are made. If you want any changes to the design, now is the time to speak your mind. Up to three revisions (1 major, 2 minor) are included in your fee, and you will be sent the revised design for approval. Though rare, any additional revisions after three rounds will be billed at a rate of $40/hr.

I use Photobucket to host images used in your design. Please open up an account if you do not already have one (they are free!), and send me the log-in details along with the blog log-in information when we are in the installation phase.

I will place all elements in a private test website so you can view and approve it before installation. This makes the installation on your blog much faster. Please note that will be 'live' while I am installing, and work as quickly as possible to reduce that transition time.

Due to hard drive space limitations (I work on my little laptop!), I am unable to keep your design elements and template once the project is completed. It is your responsibility to back up your newly installed template. It will give both of us peace of mind, and prevent that 'blogger panic' feeling should anything ever happen to your template!

I will place a small design credit at the bottom of your blog. As long as any design elements created by me are active on your blog, you must keep the design credit on your blog.  All design elements (exclusive of blog coding) are copyright of Kirsten Stoddard.  I am not liable for any design elements provided by clients.

Like most people, I like to work during the week and take the weekends off to enjoy time with family and friends.